ITTY BITTY SUPER DUPERS are adorable little super heroes

with pint-sized bodies and larger than life attitudes.



Jared is the leader of the bunch because he is the oldest and he tells everyone that he is the leader, “So there!” He’s 5 years old and knows everything about everything and isn’t afraid to say so. In fact, he isn’t afraid of anything at all! Well, maybe spinach, but who isn’t afraid of spinach?




Kirby is the enforcer of the bunch because he watches his kittens wrestle all the time and stops them from wrestling. So he thinks he is the authority on diplomatic communication. He walks around saying, “Because I said so!” because his mom is always saying that to him. He walks out his front door stands on his front steps, looks around his neighborhood, crosses his arms at his chest and says, “BECAUSE I SAY SO!” All the kids scramble back into their own yards. The kittens go back to their wrestling.
Kirby is 4 years old.



MAX is the trouble maker of the bunch. He loves confrontation and backs down from nobody. Not even Jared, his cousin, or his older brother Kirby. He is only “this many years old” holding up

3 fingers to everyone he sees. He was last seen flying around the head of Mr. Jameson, his next door neighbor walking to the corner grocer to pick up some more boxes of Fatboy’s Cookie Dough for his grandkids, while putting his three fingers up in his neighbor’s face repeatedly saying, “I AM THIS MANY! I AM THIS MANY! I AM THIS MANY!, all the way to the grocery store and all the way back home. Mr. Jameson just smiles and says, “I know MAX, I know.”



DJ is the new kid on the block and moved right next door to Jared. Kirby and MAX live across the street. DJ just goes with the flow and follows the others around as the anchor that keeps the other characters grounded. He usually gets the other 3 out of trouble before they get there themselves.





The characters have fun and adventures but also remind kids about things that are important to help keep them safer and healthier at the same time. Entertainment and Educational value is what makes these cartoon characters so very popular with kids and adults alike.

Their arch enemies are BULLY BOTS, ATTACK FORCE 5, ALIEONIONS & RUMBLE BUMBLES. The comical situations these characters get themselves into is fall off your chair funny!

The ITTY BITTY SUPER DUPERS Coloring Comix, Cartoons & Storylines are funny, fun, comical, entertaining and educational for kids everywhere.